June 22, 2018


If you want your space to look well balanced, then you should pick a certain color scheme and stick to it. The 60-30-10 rule is here to help you with that. These proportions are meant to bring balance in the space with color. What does it mean actually? Let’s give it a quick introduce.

60% will be the basic color that anchors the space. It will be present in the big pieces, such as walls, carpets, and large furniture pieces. It is a basic color that you will continue to build up later.

•30% of the space should be filled with the secondary color. It is here to create dimension. The rule is to choose something similar to the basic one that still has a difference. The both colors should work together in creating a pleasant space. It can be present in an accent wall, furniture, or even curtains.

•10% is the accent color. It is the one that adds the magic in the space. It is present in the small details that add a final touch. You can add it in a form of throw pillows, artwork, or accessories. The accent color is bold, brave and outstanding. It is here to create visual interest. With adding an accent color, you will bring freshness.

Article and photo credit Karma Style


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